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What’s on your menu matters. Of course, you know that, as eating is the main affair at a restaurant. However, what your menu looks like, feels like and what we call now the user experience of that menu plays a significant role in how your guest will feel, act, dress and yes, spend their money at your establishment.

Paper, laminate, leather, linen, color, ink, paint, font, size of type, combination of drinks, wines and food are all choices we make to explain a style of restaurant. As a restaurant designer I often start your concept with your menu, and we are not talking about whether you are selling hamburgers or haute cuisine. We are talking about the look, feel and style of your menu and how it creates the story of your establishment before someone has even set foot inside your doors.

What might start as an overwhelming task to define the look and style of your restaurant can often be found in that small but hugely important item that will grace every guest’s eyes.

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