A simple five-step process that will take the mystery out of building your business.

1 Research

First, I begin to research the information we shared and discover more about your particular business needs. This research might include a site visit and operations assessment, to learn more about your staffing, service, branding, marketing, menu and financials. If it’s a new concept, I will research and visit other spots with you and share with you important things to notice as well as give you information and examples of how to begin your project.

2 Analysis

I then provide analysis of your business or relatable concepts to share with you. The analysis report will define the areas of focus for our next steps. The analysis will include the detailed itemization of all the items we will be addressing to create the best possible business for you.

3 Planning

From there we enter the planning stage. Planning is important. With careful attention to the actual ability for change financially and or time-wise we will carefully plan so you will enjoy effortless success instead of the crushing feeling of overwhelming to-do lists.

4 Development

Development is the next phase where our plans become realities. Development is typically the most exciting part of the adventure, but it is a process that requires careful attention. Timelines are carefully drafted, but setbacks do occur and learning to be nimble is important so that discouragement doesn’t lead to stagnation. Together, we will make sure any adaptions necessary will be executed during this process.

5 Management

Management is the last and most important step. Perhaps a better word would be maintenance. The daily attention to your new business is important. The changes you have made took time and effort, but they also require continued attention to prosper. The expertise of someone who can make this step enjoyable is where I shine through. From the onset I will be listening to you and learning what you enjoy about the business and work with you to make sure that the management of the business brings you enjoyment. Learning to balance the right formula of systems and staff unique to your preferences will make your company run smoothly and guarantee success.

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