Kitchen Culture

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Building the kitchens of the future is exciting work and creating a kitchen culture we can all be proud to show-off is important. Smile Consulting is leading a new initiative to make kitchen culture a more dynamic, sustainable and positive place for all employees.

Some kitchens run like an army with a drill sergeant, others are streamlined for efficiency and run almost robotically, and still some are run more like locker rooms.

Today, I work with chefs looking at how they can make their kitchen a more professional and nurturing environment. We are working hard to create restaurant kitchens with a culture that will instill pride and compassion in an industry that can be demanding both physically and emotionally.

“Positive environments often lead to positive results for both the employee and the restaurant,” says Caroline Smile, owner, Smile Consulting. “And we are not just talking vibes, we are talking numbers- including employee paychecks and owner profits.”

What is the culture of your kitchen? How would you rate it? I would love to work with you to make it a reflection of the very best of what the industry offers. Call me @ 949-478-1409