New Concept Development

Nothing tastes as good as a new concept. From branding to business plans, financial proformas, decor, design, market research and location analysis, together we can develop a winning business. Get started with an advantage and see the difference it will make for your success. My business plans and financials have put companies in front of top investors. My design has been covered in the NY Times. I know you can do a lot on your own, it’s probably the reason you have chosen this path. What we can do together will be better, happen faster and with much less effort. Whether it’s the whole project or simply a few areas you are discouraged to tackle, we will get the doors open!

Financial Analysis & Advisory

From basic proformas for new concepts to inventory analysis, food cost and payroll, I have experience from several units and have learned ways of mining the numbers for gold. I have turned a nine-year profitless 5,000 sq. foot 300 seat restaurant into a 1 million dollar profit factory in one year. I have taken a ‘tax write-off’ second restaurant to gains equal to it’s popular neighboring establishment. I have built restaurants that were grossing $25,000 a day in the first month. It can be done! We can do it together.

Management Style & Service

A keen focus on these elements is necessary for your business to prosper. Strategically building and maintaining standards is integral to your success. What is your service style? Management style? Do you need a refresh? All of these are important to consider and maintain throughout the life of your business. I  can build systems and service manuals, develop steps of service and create a style that is all your own.

Staffing & Labor Optimization

I have placed hundreds in positions in hospitality and believe that a great staff makes for a happy customer. Where to find good staff? What to pay them? How many staff you hire and retain and what tasks fall under each position make a the difference in creating a good environment and profitable business. One of the most costly items in any company’s budget is staffing. Optimizing the role each person plays and creating a team who takes pride in their work only takes some fine-tuning.

Menu, Recipe & Bar Development

What menu can support your budget and your dreams? What kind of chef are you? Or should you hire? And more importantly, what items will sell? The recipe for a good menu is equally as important as the recipe in it. The right recipes make a good menu because quality, taste and cost are all a part of the ingredients. Cost controls and correct purchasing and product choice are important and necessary for a sustainable business. Beverage program optimization and attention to trends, style and service are all important. Strong Inventory and costs systems add up to profit.


It’s not just your logo. It’s your whole story. What sets you apart. What makes you fit in. What makes you, well, you. Logo, web design, printed materials, environmental design and decor are all a part of it, but it’s the story you tell your client that matters. We will make sure they see, smell, hear and feel it just how you dream. I work with several notable designers and am lucky to have an in-house team that can also provide services ‘on the fly’. The legacy that your company will share boils down to one thing: a great experience. For most of your customers, that starts with branding.

Marketing Strategies

Who is your audience, what are they craving? What’s your voice? Your message? Do you need videos, photos, materials, ads and more? Do you need an outside agency or can you do it yourself? What is your budget? We will navigate the path that works best for you. Building relationships in the industry that will carry you through the year, add you to events, and bring your business into the spotlight. Whether it’s a refresh on your old strategy or a new addition and area, knowing how to market your business and create a buzz that will build and sustain it is key to your success.

Greening Your Business

Learning to focus your staff and establishment towards green practices can reduce your impact on our planet, your environment your customer and your profit margin. Working together to develop green practices your staff will carry out will make the world a better place is key to a successful business.

Events & Sponsorship

Bringing attention to your business through local and national events as well as creating your own will add a volume of profit to your business. Connecting with leading industry foundations and galas that will gain you notoriety for yourself and exposure to others is important and valuable. Sponsored partnerships with other brands both food service, food products and alcohol can leverage influence at your establishment. Wondering where to start? How to get involved? Who is the gold standard and what effect it will have on your business and how long? Together we will determine the best path that will measure the greatest rewards for you and your customers.


In addition to my expertise I have the luxury of knowing several of the industry leaders in the nation. Our network allows us to build and transform your business together.

If you read this far, you already have a few things in mind you are interested in doing for your business. Imagine if we keep the conversation going? Start here. Ask questions. Let the conversation begin.

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