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To My Restaurant Friends and Friends of Restaurants,

We are facing a new reality few, if any, can predict.

I am working through all the information available for restaurants and digging through my well of experience to help you as best I can to navigate these uncertain times.

I am offering my time for free to those in need for the next two months to help you keep working and stay at work! Whatever that means for your business, whatever difficulties you are facing, please use me as a resource.

Below is a hot list of takeaways and ideas to start working on now!

It is not a one-size-fits-all solution for all of you. I encourage you to consider each idea and move on the ones that most benefit your business.

In 2008 I worked to rebuild my business over two years and came back stronger than ever. I am here to help you do the same, faster and smarter!

Stay Strong,

Caroline Smile


  • What you do now with delivery will likely continue in the future-they are seeing that in China. Engage now or plan your engagement if you have chosen to close during this period.
  • If you are offering takeout, be sure to be added to if your are located in SoCal or search your area for local resources.
  • Are you set up for takeout and delivery? POS systems can help, websites too and more-talk with me and others to weigh the financial choices of these investments.
  • Uber Eats, Grubhub and DoorDash might be worth the investment if you have been hesitant in the past. They are many available discounts to join them now-perhaps take advantage or chat with me and others how best to engage.
  • Most in this industry are saying it is likely not a V-shaped curve return, but a gradual return. Do you have your long-term plan in place?
  • Consider if a PT staffing solution where you re-hire more of your past employees a better solution than re-hiring fewer at FT?
  • Is a subscription plan an option for your business? How would that work/look?
  • Do you have a rewards program? Are you using it to its full potential right now?
  • Pop-ups, Co-ops, Chef cameos and more, are a few ways to consider attracting more people to your business or supporting it when it returns. Lots of opportunities with these, consider them or talk to me about what this could be for your business.
  • Join your local Restaurant Association and other local and national associations. Keep your ear to the ground as opportunities for your staff and your business are coming from all corners to help you maintain your livelihood.
  • Build partnerships with your suppliers and consider planning events together for the ‘return’ and the celebration of life we all look forward to indulging in once we can return to normal.
  • Market yourself now more than ever-we are all reading and consuming a lot on marketing platforms and news outlets.
  • Yelp & Google are just as important now as ever. What are you doing to build this audience?
  • Consider dining bonds at
  • Support your team, look for opportunities for meals for them or provide them at your restaurant through cooking, gift card re-purposing or becoming a drop-off for other services providing meals. Celebrate their Go Fund Me campaigns, and help them enroll in unemployment, Restaurant Association programs, and to secure local loans. And find food for them here on Instagram: @relief_international,, @wckitchen, @feedingamerica, @unicef, @savethechildren, @firstbookorg, @cdcgov, @unitednations, @rwcfnyc, @secondharvestfoodbankoc & @leeinitiative
  • Reach out to your local Representatives, Mayors, Governors and Federal government and advocate help! #saverestaurants