Case Study: Catmosphere Laguna

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How can you create a socially progressive business that gives back with a unique curated dining experience?


2018 has marked the year where diners expect more than great food and ambience. Millennials are seeking unique experiences in their outings that they can’t find anywhere else. They want to be wowed while they dine, and create memories that are toastable, as well as postable. So when it comes to modern day experiential dining, the ultimate example is a cat café. “What is a cat café?” you may ask. It is exactly what it sounds like: a restaurant where you can play with and watch cats while eating. According to Eater LA, these restaurants are still fairly rare in the SoCal area, but soon Orange County residents will get their first taste of a cat café with the launch of Catmosphere Laguna.


Described as “simply purr-fect” by Locale Magazine, Catmosphere Laguna was created by first-time restaurant owner and former attorney at law Gail Landau. Gail partnered with Caroline Smile for the  restaurant development which included crafting the menu, which focuses on healthy trends and local eats. Even the wine you drink and coffee you taste will be as curated as the experience itself. Tying in Laguna Beach’s surf culture, the lounge decor will highlight with a surfboard mural, as well as a hammock hanging from a scratch post palm tree, providing an enriching environment, or “sanctuary” according to OC Foodies, for the cats to inhabit and play.


Catmosphere Laguna will revolutionize the way cats will be adopted in Orange County, as highlighted in the O.C. Register and Stu News. You can make reservations to play with the cats within the lounge area, and even potentially adopt a kitty should you fall in love with one. But regardless of whether you choose to adopt, the proceeds from your visit go towards the adoption process for the rescue cats. So if you are a stressed out student, or your apartment simply doesn’t allow pets, head over to Catmosphere to get the cat therapy you need, while also contributing towards a good cause. And if you don’t care to play, but would like to watch the cats while dining, Catmosphere’s café and lounge are separated by a glass wall. This way, you can still be charmed by the kitties’ antics while you sip a glass of rosé and indulge in a cheese plate.


Opening a cat café is a first for most owners and restaurant consultants seeing they’re a new concept Americans entrepreneurs are embracing. We can’t wait for your to visit Catmosphere Laguna and if you need help developing one of your own, be in touch. We could be the purrfect match for your venture.


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