Summer Intern

posted in: Women in Food

Hi, my name is Meghan Fodor! I am a Business Administration major at UC Irvine with a
passion for marketing and operations. If you are a student at the school, you have most likely
seen my flyers and events broadcasted across campus and Facebook (by me of course!)

Outside of school, I love trying new cafes and restaurants around LA and Orange County. One
thing I can never resist, regardless of the time of day, is coffee. Whenever I find a shop that
makes a good latte, it instantly catches my heart.

My internship is an amazing experience for me to learn how restaurants and cafes operate. I am
fascinated by the idea that elements such as décor and ambience play a major role in defining
target markets. Thanks to Caroline, I now hold an appreciation for the small details that make
dining so much fun!