10 Ways To Eat Like A Foodie

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Everyday people ask me where to eat, what’s in season or what to make for dinner. I myself wonder why people don’t think more about food. Foodies don’t just think about food, they eat differently.

Here are 10 Ways To Eat Like A Foodie

  1. Condiments: the at home solution for any meal. Stock up on all the sauces, chutneys, pickles, dips, honeys, oils and vinegars you can find.
  2. Be Discerning. I do not eat every chocolate chip cookie I see, I will not indulge just because, it must be worth it.
  3. Put some butter on it. It’s not just for lobster anymore. Baste a steak, finish pesto with it, put it on a cracker. Just make sure it’s grass fed and your heart will thank you.
  4. Go to a Top Chef/Iron Chef/Master Chef restaurant. We have high regard for what they do to get those crowning victories and we love to see what they do in the public arena in their own restaurants.
  5. Eat on Trend: BBQ, Ramen, Tartines, Acai Bowls and Avocado anything.
  6. Dine, I mean really dine. Order the whole menu, half the menu or at least three of every course.
  7. Eat obscure Asian food. I am not guaranteeing you will love all of it, but it’s quite literally the difference between foodie and non-foodie in our modern era.
  8. Treasure Hunt new places in your neighborhood. Tell everyone about what you have found and help grow their business.
  9. Treat yourself at home to eating well at every meal. A discipline we all excuse ourselves of for no good reason. Quick meals can often be the most luxurious. Eat well every meal.
  10. And the Foodie Golden Rule: Try It. You might like it.