Your Next Dinner

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Thanksgiving, a beloved meal for so many reasons is behind us, but I encourage everyone to save up some of their meals out over the next few weeks and enjoy one luxurious meal. A meal where wine and food are paired, where you enjoy multiple courses. A meal where your conversation goes in so many different directions because the three hours of dining allow you the time and space to really relax and experience life using all the senses. Try an aperitif, a sherry or a cocktail with your meal. Try a type of wine you wouldn’t normally drink.

The meal can be at your home or a friends or out at a great restaurant, but try and explore food and drink and how they create an amazing experience shared together.

The memories of this meal will last far longer than the must-have, try-this foodie stops on your current list. I wager you will be waiting to schedule your next luxurious meal experience after you enjoy this one. Happy Holidaying!