Do Rock Stars Really Party Like Animals?

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I’ve partied with quite a few rock stars and while they can get wild, it’s often not as reckless as you think. For most of them, it is more about bringing the excitement of the stage to life wherever they play, so to speak.

One way to add excitement to your event and my personal favorite party tip is to play up the element of surprise! And I’m not talking about surprising the guest of honor or even having someone pop out of a cake. (Though who are we kidding, at the right party, someone popping out of cake can be really fun.)

The element of surprise can be as simple as a toast, a cocktail shot, or even a quick game. Of course, it can also be as amazing as a unicorn galloping over the gate of your house (yes, I’ve seen this) or a tiger prowling the grounds for picture perfect moments.

Surprises bring the guests together in a way that is unforgettable and will keep them talking about how great a host you are for years to come. What I’m saying, is you can party like animals, or at least with them.

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