I cover the A-Z of Celebrity Chefs Programs at Chef’d including talent acquisition, agreement/proposal drafts and negotiations, on boarding of recipes, recipe development, marketing, content development and video production.

Before my arrival at Chef’d there was no video content being created with partners. I added that within in the first three weeks. Video is King!

In my first seven months I have launchd 92 of the 750 recipes on the site and manage 65 partners adding on average two a month.

Notable Chefs Dominique Crenn, Brooke Williamson, Duff Goldman, Adam Richman, celebrities like Sammy Hagar, Lance Bass, The Marley Family and Greg Norman and companies like the James Beard Foundation work with me to add meal-kit offerings to their business. I work with the talent personally, talent agents and licensing groups like ABG, WME & CAA.

Together we have done some fun things in the last year with food-Duff and I put a wedding cake in a box.

Upcoming, I am about to shoot the Korean Olympics of Food with the Today Show hosts, Judy Joo and Shaun White.

I also develop programs around my offerings for the Chefs to participate in that drive sales, engagement and reach for the partners across multiple channels including digital, social and media. The Chef of the Month program I launched allowed for Chef’d Bytes (a Tasty-style video) to launch alongside giveaways and other promotions online and on social media that created five times the number of sales for the partner.




Lance Bass talks with me about his #mistakesinthekitchen. One of many social campaigns I launched for Chef’d to help draw engagement and humanize the chefs. No one wants to say buy buy buy my meal kits all the time or do they?



The Restaurant of the Month Program I launched adds a meal-kit inspired by the featured restaurant, a blog article on the restaurant and when possible, a video with the chef and the site.



Logan Guleff, Master Chef Jr. winner highlights his James Beard Blended Burger Contest win and his partnership with Chef’d to bring his burgers to your house.



Here’s a tip from one of our Chefs of the Month, Casey Thompson. The Tips are building developed and working to launch in emails to the customers in 2018.

The Chef of the month gets wide placement on the site, at the top of the Chefs Partner page for the month, placement on the homepage and additional emails, blogs and social mentions. We also have a Collection of all the Chefs for the year.

We also ask the Chefs to take over our Instagram and do social events cooking the box or doing some Q&A or food trivia on their channels. It’s not a heavy pull on the talent but a huge reward and directly drives traffic to their offering.

I also created episodic events for our chef partners who do multiple small live videos online to help drive return engagement over a short period of weeks.



A wedding cake in a box? Yes! And it feeds 30-50 for less than $200. Videos were created with Duff for each step to help take out the guess work.

The kit comes with everything your BFF needs to make the cake of your dreams for your wedding (unless of course, you are the ultimate DIY bride!)



Reviews from Partners:


“Caroline is just plain AWESOME” – Melissa D’Arabian, TVFN Show Host

“Thank you-some feedback YOU’RE doing an AMAZING JOB…I’m very impressed and makes me want to be more involved with Chef’d because of your presence.” -Angelo Sosa, AOS by Sosa, Top Chef All-Star, TVFN Contestant

Impressions from Dominique Crenn as reported by our CEO’s partner during which time I was launching her as our first Restaurant of the Month feature with the Petite Crenn Omelette just days before she did an Instagram Takeover (her first!).

“I had the pleasure of dining at Atelier Crenn with my family last night. At the end of the meal, I had a great conversation with Dominique. I brought up Chef’d and she was very enthusiastic about the team and what the company is doing. She said that she feels like you guys really care about the chefs and providing high quality meals to your customers. Happy to see first hand the excitement that your partners have about the company.”

  • Project Type: Digital Media
  • Skills: Producer, Business Development, Talent Acquisition & Management, Creative Director, Content Creator
  • Company: Chef'd
  • Project Year: 2017