To My Restaurant Friends and Friends of Restaurants, We are facing a new reality few, if any, can predict. I am working through all the information available for restaurants and digging through my well of experience to help you as … Read More


What’s on your menu matters. Of course, you know that, as eating is the main affair at a restaurant. However, what your menu looks like, feels like and what we call now the user experience of that menu plays a … Read More

Kitchen Culture

Building the kitchens of the future is exciting work and creating a kitchen culture we can all be proud to show-off is important. Smile Consulting is leading a new initiative to make kitchen culture a more dynamic, sustainable and positive … Read More

How to Enhance the Guest Experience

As a restaurant owner, guests are your bread and butter. And while you prepare the best food and service to entice their arrival, remember that every guest who enters is seeking a way to feel connected to your restaurant. While … Read More

Case Study: Catmosphere Laguna

How can you create a socially progressive business that gives back with a unique curated dining experience?   2018 has marked the year where diners expect more than great food and ambience. Millennials are seeking unique experiences in their outings … Read More

Summer Intern

Hi, my name is Meghan Fodor! I am a Business Administration major at UC Irvine with a passion for marketing and operations. If you are a student at the school, you have most likely seen my flyers and events broadcasted … Read More

Raise The Bar!

Join me at the new RAISE THE BAR! happy hour with Les Dames D’Escoffier LA-OC Chapter. We kick off this new monthly event in LA and OC on July 10th as we focus on helping women in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality … Read More

10 Ways To Eat Like A Foodie

Everyday people ask me where to eat, what’s in season or what to make for dinner. I myself wonder why people don’t think more about food. Foodies don’t just think about food, they eat differently. Here are 10 Ways To Eat … Read More

Your Next Dinner

Thanksgiving, a beloved meal for so many reasons is behind us, but I encourage everyone to save up some of their meals out over the next few weeks and enjoy one luxurious meal. A meal where wine and food are … Read More

Holiday Cookies-Best Recipes and Practices

Holiday cookies have been a long-standing tradition in my family. Every year it is THE holiday event that the entire family enjoys. But choosing the right cookie recipe and icing isn’t always easy. Santa won’t be happy with just any old … Read More

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